Practice Areas


Commercial Law and Corporate Governance

We provide our clients the appropriate legal structure convenient to their business purposes for the establishment of joint stock companies, limited liability companies, liaison offices and branches, registration before the Trade Registry and Tax Office, mergers and acquisitions, capital increase restructuring, changes in legal form and liquidation, appointment of the authorized signatories and their release and similar corporate maintenance services.
We are experienced in corporate governance including guiding boards of directors, shareholders and other corporate committees. We further provide a full range of consultancy on board of directors and general assembly level through holding the general assembly and board of director’s meetings, assisting on corporate restructuring; evaluate capital decreases and increases, insolvency and technical bankruptcy from a legal perspective under Turkish Commercial Code.

Banking & Finance

Our office provides services on banking transactions, drafting, preparation and coordination of loan documentation including collaterization. In that area, we participate in drafting loan documentations including security documentation and providing legal opinions in this regard.


We provide services in every area of law in order to prepare, draft, review of contracts, cancel and comment of the contract.

Labour Law

We provide legal services to our clients in labour law area such as, recruitment, discharge, drafting work agreements, mutual rescission agreements, disputes arising from labor safety, follow-up labour lawsuits.

Execution and Bankruptcy

Toydemir&Tumen Law Office protects its clients’ benefits, either creditor or debtor during the execution process using the facilities allowed by execution and bankruptcy law.


Litigations arising especially from commercial disputes and labour law that our clients are in need of, we bring lawsuits in every area and follow the process until the finalization, including the execution process.

Sports Law

In sport area, which has so many actors including athletes, sport clubs, sponsors we provide services such as preparation of sportsman contracts, representation before national courts and federations and in the fields, such as mediation/arbitration which interests sport law.

Consumer Law

We offer consultancy services to consumers as well as vendors and providers which may arise out of the consumer law and we inform our clients regarding updated developments of consumer law with the aim of reduction in consumer law disputes.

Real Estate and Building Law

We advise individuals and corporate entities (local and foreign clients) in all aspects of real estate and construction law and pursue lawsuits

Competition Law

Our Law Office provides its clients legal services including but not limited to, competition compliance programs, vertical and horizontal agreements, market sharing, determining sales prices, mergers and acquisition transactions before Competition Board permissions in the fields of competition law, reviews the agreements drawn up by its clients with regards to competition law and gives consulting services to clients for obeying to competition law rules.

Family Law

We provide legal services to local and foreign individuals in all areas of family law.

IT Law

We provide legal consultancy services and pursue lawsuits regarding IT crimes, personal data protection, disputes arising from domain names and social media.


We represent the clients before national and international arbitrations with taking cost and time effects into consideration.